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JNK Group experts are committed to making your project successful. Our professionals are available to help you every step of the way, from initial needs assessment to day-to-day project management. We’ve developed services that deliver the most efficient, effective path to success.

Our phased approach combines a proven project management methodology with the deep understanding of your business needs:


The define phase lays the foundation for a successful project by outlining project requirements, objectives, standards, strategies, plans, resources, budget, milestones and other key elements in order to ensure the success of the project.


The plan phase builds on the documents, decisions, boundaries, and other parameters and guidelines established in the define phase. One of the key activities in the plan phase is business process analysis.


The Implement phase brings the project team together to tackle the hands-on education, training, configuration, testing, verification, roll-out and other components of the project.  It is literally where the rubber meets the road and detailed definition and planning activities yield a production solution.


The Close phase marks the official end of project-related activities and signals the launch of production operations.

Project Oversight:

Critical to the successful deployment of the application and central to the methodology are cross-phased themes that encompass thoughtful and deliberate project management and oversight, continual communications activities across multiple media, ongoing project audit and a cross-functional operational leadership team fully engaged in monitoring, managing, and delivering success.



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